What is Leading Change Network?

Haiyya is a member of Leading Change Network (LCN) that started out of the need to recruit, train and develop organizers across the world and increase their effectiveness through collaborative learning and sharing of knowledge. Efforts of most organizers working towards economic justice, climate change and challenges of emerging communities do not reach their full potential because either they work in silos or they are digital which leads to momentary action and does not turn into sustainable sources of power and action.

The LCN was thus initiated in 2009 by a committed group of organizers who found Marshall Ganz’s approach to be profoundly transformational for their lives and work, and wanted to create more opportunities for people trained in this organizing framework to connect, share, collaborate and ultimately grow the work. The work of Marshall Ganz is rooted in 28 years of organizing experience, informed by insights of social science and teaching at Harvard Kennedy School.

Who are Global Affiliates?

The Global Affiliates of the LCN are a group of organizations from different countries in the world whose mission is to support community organizing for change – for human rights and justice. They all use the framework developed by Marshall Ganz and colleagues adapting it as is necessary to their context and culture. Haiyya is one of the Global Affiliates of the LCN adapting the value based community organizing framework in India.

We are now 9 organizations from 6 different countries including Serbia, Jordan, Kenya, Japan, Unites States and India and we hope to add 3 new members in 2016. This network of organizations meet to share resources and learning twice a year online and once in person. Their last in person gathering was in Serbia in March 2015. You can read its executive summary and papers here.