Our Values

Powering change with people

  • We believe in the power of people to build their collective leadership, mobilize their communities, and create lasting change.
  • We know that any citizen can be a leader and push others to grow if they have the right resources and support – and we’re ready to provide that.

Listening first

  • We listen to people – even the softest voices – to eliminate our own biases and assumptions.
  • We never assume that we have a solution; instead focus on understanding change that people want and help people listen to each other’s diverse perspectives to come up strong solutions.

Learning constantly

  • We strive for excellence in our work and we use our entrepreneurial spirit to try new methods, reflect, and adapt based on research, data, and results – successes and failures alike.
  • We take risks and are comfortable with failure so long as we don’t make the same mistake again.

Building leadership and relationships through action

  • We learn by doing, and we enable people to discover their own power by giving them responsibility, not just training.
  • We foster and cultivate relationships through shared work not just talk.

Holding each other accountable

  • Do what you’ll say you do – and others will follow.
  • We hold our team and our communities accountable to goals and timelines and responsive to one another – because that’s the only way to hold our government and society accountable to us.

Acting sustainably

  • We don’t provide any service; we provide opportunities to lead: we know we can only address root causes and change the system by strengthening leaders who build strong community teams to create change in the long term.
  • We leverage what already exists within our communities – we organize resources, time, and talent within our neighbourhoods for solutions that build stronger systems and local networks that last beyond our campaigns.