Our Manifesto

We believe saying “Namaste” to your neighbour makes a bigger difference to society than delivering a ‘bhashan.’ The bravery of those to speak up when something is wrong and the leaders who make others more powerful inspire us.

We believe bravery is choosing to speak up when you see someone being harassed on the street.

We think asking about a missing trashcan on your corner today will make it easier to demand a clean, safe and green India tomorrow.


We believe real social change happens when it is lead by the people who have lived with the problems and it is the individual potential that channels public action.

We are for power in the neighborhood

We believe that individual potential is what channels public action.


We are inspired by leaders who make others more powerful.

We believe civic problem solving starts with building power – in ourselves and in our communities.

We believe that slow change that builds leadership is enduring change.


Most importantly we believe that unless we as people put our values and our voice at the forefront of society, our voices will not be heard. We fight for social justice, for all people!